OHS Regulations

The Occupational Health and Safety / OHS Regulations consist of the following parts:


  • General Administration Regulations (GAR)
  • General Safety Regulations (GSR)
  • Major Hazard Installation Regulations (MHIR)
  • Regulations for Hazardous Biological Agents (RHBA)
  • Explosive Regulations (ER)
  • Constructions Regulations (CR)
  • Regulations on Hazardous Work by Children in South Africa (RHWCSA)


  • Asbestos Regulations (AR)
  • Diving Regulations (DR)
  • Environmental Regulations for the Workplace (ERW)
  • Facilities Regulations (FR)
  • Hazardous Chemical Substances Regulations (HCSR)
  • Lead Regulations (LR)
  • Noise-induced Hearing Loss Regulations (NHLR)


  • National Code of Practice for the Training Providers of Lifting Machine Operators
  • Driven Machinery Regulations, 2015 (DMR)
  • General Machinery Regulations (GMR)
  • Lift, Escalator and Passenger Conveyor Regulations (LEPCR)
  • Regulations Concerning the Certificate of Competency (RCCC)
  • Pressure Equipment Regulations (PER)
  • Guidance Notes to the Pressure Equipment Regulations (GNPER)


  • Electrical Installation Regulations (EIR)
  • Electrical Machinery Regulations (EMR)


  • General Notices (GN)